Content & Methodology

For the four test cases Thermal Comfort/Air Conditioning, private flood protection, winter tourism and agriculture lists of adaptation measures are elaborated, which are brought into private stakeholder questionnaires and interviews.

Empirically researched is also the governance framework for private adaptation action. Which barriers or incentives are available)? What is the information environment for private adaptation?…

Furthermore, the private stakes in the national adaptation strategy (NAS) are registered.

For all private adaptation measures in the test cases, the maladaptation potential will be assessed – on the one hand via stakeholder involvement (questionnaires and interviews) and on the other hand via an maladaptation assessment framework elaborated within the project.

Based on the empirical findings in the test cases, the governance analysis and the maladaptation assessment, recommendations for policy makers primarily at the national level will be derived to reach proper decisions for enabling and steering of private adaptation in Austria.